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Friday, August 7, 2009

Black Celebrity African American Hairstyles

African-American hairstyles
 African-American hairstyles
Photos of 2008 top Black celebrity Hairstyles
 African-American hairstyles
Can you believe this is Ashanti, just a couple months later?

 African-American hairstyles
Ashanti's look changes from week to week & always looks flawless. Here, she poses with shoulder-length curls

 African-American hairstyles
African-American black curly hairstyles
 African-American hairstyles
2008 Black Celebrity African American Hairstyles
 African-American hairstyles
Get this look with a flat iron.

You have a lot of options to choose from if you are looking to go for an African American hairstyle. They range from short to long haircuts, making you look trendy and stylish. One of the best parts about choosing a short hairstyle is that you can go for different hairstyle anytime you want.

halle berry cropped black hairstyles
african american hair
Of course, African American hairstyle is an individual choice and should go with your personality, occasion and face. It would be better approach that you first try different African American hairstyles at home, before going for a haircut so that you can get inspired with your hair look.

african american hairstyles
However, Afro is one of the most popular African American hairstyle that is in fashion today. It is also easy to maintain and you can use a pick or your fingers to style it. You don’t even need any sort of chemicals to maintain this hairstyle and hence your hairs are safe.

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