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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dum Maro Dum Bollywood Movie Review

Are you searching for Dum Maro Dum movie review and story or about Deepika padukone item number(dum maro dum song)?

Here we go -This film is the story of four people whose life intersects at Goa Airport. Lorry is a student in Goa, who wants to be with his girl friend when she goes to study in US. But his scholarship gets rejected and he becomes devastated. Just then another person offers him help but only if Lorry can help him back and that is at the cost of his life. The second character of Inspector Kamath, is running away from his own past. He is been given the task of destroying the drug mafia, operating in Goa. The third character, that of a DJ, Joki, loses everything in his life after his fight with a drug mafia. He finds that history will be repeating itself, but how can he save himself from it? The fourth character Zoe, an aspiring air hostess, finds that she reaches nowhere after travelling through the path of exploitation and unfulfilled dreams. A local business man, who has an upper hand in every legal and illegal business in Goa, is afraid because of Kamath’s arrival. But this businessman knows who can provide shelter for him in a difficult situation – a powerful man, with many identities and names but nobody knows him. The suspense thriller explores Goa through the life of these characters.

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