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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kareena’s obsessive lover at her Door steps

After all everyone is not so fortunate to have such obsessive fan or I should say lover,obviously only Kareena has the world at her feet hmm..I mean at her door steps. Well, Saif please take care of Beboo before someone else give you a tough competion and your tattoo also doesn’t help..sob………..

An obsessed fan of hers is following her around, it all started with unknown letters being delivered at her doorstep, which were junked as fan mail, but then came the first expensive gift — a diamond-studded necklace (that probably went to charity). Soon, many more expensive gifts and cards began to land up at her Khar residence in a similar manner.

The letters that came along in the last six months clearly point to the fact that the person is following Kapoor around. And the actress’s close friends insist that there is a striking pattern to this.
“It is evident from the letters that this fan is keeping a careful tab on her… what she is doing, where she is going for appearances, where she is shooting for her films and so on. Though Kareena is not too scared about this obsessive person, her whole family is,” .

According to Kapoor, receiving fan mails from all over the world is nothing new, but somebody keeping a tab on her movements is something that has not happened to her before.

“The letters that she has received also speaks about some kind of obsession with her. The gifts that have arrived at her doorstep are so expensive that normal fans wouldn’t even think of gifting such items,” the source adds. However, when somebody suggested that she at least inform the police, Bebo apparently declined saying that she wouldn’t go to the law unless things get out of hand.

When DNA got in touch with Kapoor, she admitted that she has lately been receiving a lot of ‘admiration’ from her fans, but said that she is okay with it as long as it stays within the parameters of adulation. “Yes, recently I have seen quite a number of fans. It’s always a good feeling to find that you have such ardent fans. I am humbled and very flattered,” she says.

But what about the fact that some of her fans were showing signs of obsessive fixation with her and stalking her at events and public appearances? “I think it’s love and admiration and, as long as it is within limits, I am okay with this kind of obsession,” Kapoor adds.

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