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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kimora Lee Simmons hits back at anorexia claims

Kimora Lee Simmons has rubbished reports that she ‘doesn’t eat’. The BabyPhat CEO recently lost 25lbs through portion control and was quoted by Pop Eater as saying that she doesn’t eat anymore. But the 35-year-old insisted that she was misquoted. Talking to StyleList, she explained, “That story quotes me as saying, ‘I don’t eat’. “Well, I had said, ‘I don’t eat bags of Doritos and cheeseburgers like I used to’, but the writer ended the quote at, ‘I don’t eat’. “That’s irresponsible reporting. It really upset me because it’s not at all my message, and I want people to know that. I’m first and foremost a mother and a wife, and I’m raising three kids, and I want them to grow up to have a healthy sense of self.” The journalist who wrote the article declined to comment, but Kimora said that when it comes to her weight, she can’t seem to win. “Six months ago, I was a size 10, and on CNN – CNN for God’s sake – all the news was about how they have to spend millions of dollars retouching ads to make me look thinner,” she said. “And now this other story is throwing sensational salt on me, saying that I’m anorexic.”

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